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MY DiNOSOUR IS GOiNG TO GET YOU BiTCH<3 [entries|friends|calendar]

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December 18th, 2005]
last night was the best i had my party amber nicole ashley && lauren you guys are the best i hope we can do it again! soo im tired and pissed i HATE guys and a few girls ok soo w/e.

November 14th, 2005]

November 8th, 2005]

November 5th, 2005]
umm me and adrian broke up he decided to chose my friend. umm hello you said i love you?! what an ass i hope he burns in hell-> well mot really but i just wish i could get over him we actually broke up last weekend and ever scence then i havent been able to get him out of this crazy head of mine i wish i could but idk its just something thats gotten me stuck to him.but i know eventually ill get over him and fall in love with someone elese and then we when break up i wont be able to get over him eather all these guys just like to break my poor fragle heart. <3 oo well its just the story of my life.

oo yea im going to hinson! omyy im sooo happy you have no idea because im soo over obms it can go suck some big hairy balls, thats how much i hate it.i totally cant wait until next year.. umm HIGH SCHOOL BABY .
well kiddos i have to goo ill write back eventually.=]

October 22nd, 2005]
I havent updated in a while ive been way way too busy.
Well im madley in love with this one kid his names
Adrian hes wounderful everything i could ask for and
Its awsome be jealous biznatch =] well this lover
Needs to go put her lil sis to bed because im baby-
Sitting wooho yea right be back in a bit i might
Write again if i get bored enought =0.


June 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | numb ]

oo yeah
its SUMMER 05..im so gald well anyways so far my summers been pretty rad!well i got home tuesday from kentucky and as soon as i got home (( at 10:30 )) and i called casey and the next thing you know here comes casey running down the street yelling TORI!i was like omgosh!it was great and so i got home and unpacked what ever i brought then i went to caseys and we hung out and i spent the night and she feel asleep at like 11 and i couldnt sleep so i stayed up to like 3 then casey had to get up at like the buttcrack of dawn so that ment that i kindda did so i got up even thought i didnt really have to and came to my house and sleept untill like 1:00 in the afternoon.then on wendsady when i woke up i really didnt do anything because it was raining but me and my mom went to blockbuster then to wendeys to get a bite to eat and then the grocie and when i got home i went outside and pratice my soccer skills ((lol))and then casey came home and me.casey.and nathen all went bowling ahh that was great omg casey the bowling ball and his cord...wowo bathen you raock hard!lol and well then i came home and slept.then i woke up thursday and was getting ready to go to daytona logon but then it rained so that didnt happen witch sucked!soo i hung out with the neighbors that was alot of funn but we did play some base-ball and soccer...then casey came home from friken camp and we hung out then the lady across the street invited us to go swimming in her pool so thats what we did and we swam till about 10 or 11 and that was funn..but casey had to friken MOOn me!omgosh that was great lol..this ones for you!then last night i spent the night at her house again and now im sitting here writting in this waiting for my mom to get up out of bed so i can go do something..=/..well give me a call if you wana hang..but i got to go!
<3 tori


SUMMER! [Friday,
May 27th, 2005]
[ mood | woot woot ]

well wendsday was the last day of school..omgosh i miss all my friends soo much expiscaly the ones that sre going to henison!im going to cry..well right now im in kentucky for my uncles gradution..its soo awsome because hes graductaing high school..well i have to jump in the shower and do my hair soon but not to soon and then i have to go to my granpas then ill oribly go see my sis maybe and then ill come back and get my dress and makeup done and go to the high school for the gradution and then idono what they have planed for after wards..well my peoples i really go to go!!
x3 tori


May 19th, 2005]
[ mood | excited ]

!!! HEY !!!
Yestrday i got my HAIR CUT!!im soo happy it looks soo good!! i now hav bangs..and if you dont like it you can kiss my ASS because i love it and im sorry you have bad taste..well im at caseys right now were getting ready for school we get are YEARBOOKS! today thats awsome! well my fags and faggets..
i got ti hit it !
xo tori michele ox


May 9th, 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

-- Yo --
this weekend was pimp..first on friday i didnt go to school because like noone did then friday night i went to the rink and hung out with josee..nicole..dana..nick and a buch of other ppl..it was funn as hell..then saturday was calitians 14th B-DAY!ahh it rocked soo bad!! first she came over and we hung out and crap then i threw her the BIGIST party ever! it was soo much funn!! soo we had a party and crap well we stayed up to about 6:00 in the morining then we went to sleep and had to get up at 7:00 because it was MOTHERS DAY soo we went to the mall and helped pick something out for my mom then i came home..then i went to another party and that was funn too..then i came home again and hung out with my mom and stuff..then came MONDAY witch is today..it was prettie good and theres nothing to do i just got bck from the gym with alica and stuff she might join my TEAM! that would be awsome! well fags and fagetts.. i g2g..
xo tori michele ox


May 6th, 2005]
well im really bored and well i didnt go to school because i didnt want to!
well idonoi what elese to say but i g2 go pracitce my dance...!!
xo tori ox

May 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | energetic ]

- Today -
was pretty sweet..i hung out with like cassie and all my friends at school..as always well my friend wants to go out with my other friend and yeah its totaly awsome but hes being a ass and wont anwser and when he does hes like..no and im goin to beat the crap out of him..on day!
well i like someone and its awsome..this weekend was pretty pimp i wint to cassies house and spent the night and i also helped her baby-sitt..the the next day i went to cassie .a. house and me,her,and brooke all hung out it was pretty pimp!then yestrday i went to school then i slept then i went to school..and now here i am again!its wiked sweet!but now i have to go get read for cheer try-outs! THATS HOTT! well ppl this little brownie has to go!
x-oo tori


April 24th, 2005]
[ mood | cold ]

im going to the gym to get team pictures done..after that i was going to see if cassie wanted to come over then my aunt was goin to take us shopping! well i still fill kindda crapy..josh dumped me but oo well fuck-him!! he dosent kno what hes messing..lol...well i hope you guys like me layout my other one was getting really old and annoying! well i g2g get ready..ill right more later maybe!

xOo tori


April 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

- hey -
well im in school right not soo i cant say much..because i really dont want to get caught by the teacher she will freak!!
soo i g2g
x00 t0rii


April 4th, 2005]
[ mood | sleepy ]

1. Been kissed: YESSAHH
1a. Who was the last person: ummm..Jordan
1b. When and where? when i was in 3rd geade..outside in the tree house
2. Eaten sushi: Hellz yeah i love it!!

3. Gotten hyper: if you really know me i always am!
4. Been dumped: many times
5. Eaten an entire pizza by yourself: Yess me and my fat self!! :)
8. Gotten in a car accident: Yes
10. Seen the white house: No..but im goin this summer
11. Hiked a mountain: never my fat ass cant even go up a hill..lol
12. Been skinny dipping: Yess
13. Stayed home on a Saturday/Friday night just because: yes i have!
14. Been in love: Yess
15. Made home made cookies (from scratch): Yess and they tasted really good
16. Cold or hot: depands
17. lace or satin: satin
18. Blue or red: ...blue
19. New or old: depends
20. Roses or daises: Roses
21. Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: Vanilla i hate cholocate
22. Winter or fall: Winter
23. Science or history: History..because i HATE mrs.singleton!!
24. Do you like some one right now: yeah my boyfriend
25. Do you have a secret crush: NOPE

42. Had a serious talk: No
43. Hugged someone: Yess
44. Got along with your parents: my mom yess..my step dad hell no
45. Got along with your siblings: Yess almost always
46. Fought with a friend: Never
47. Been depressed: No

48. Walk in the Rain: love it!
50. If you got a tattoo what would it be: it would be a tiny rose!!
51. Ever had that falling dream: ugh, hate it
54. What turns you off: ummm the things that dont turn me on?
56. What do you dream about? Happy things
57. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Spongebob..becasue he turns me on.!!..lol just kidding
58. Do your parents ever make you mad: ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

take it!!
x00 t0ri


ITS OVER!! [Sunday,
April 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | dirty ]

-Today -
was the best way to end spring break!! I had soo much funn i had a PARTY!! and even thought it was a family thing it was still soo much funn..well it was my grandparents B-DAY soo we had them a little party..well there was some funny shit that happend..first my grandma barb fell a sleep and she hates snakes..well my sis has this little play snake..and my grandma feel asleep in the chair in the grage and i put the play snake on her chest and then we took pictures and then i had to wake her up..omfg she threw that play snake soo far it was freaking halioris everyone died laughing now she keeps saying oo just wait ill get you back to me..!! im scared ((Not))..Ten when we took out the cake and sang happy B-day to my grandparents my GRANNY started danceing imfao it was funnie if you have seen a 79 year old women dace!! :) i died laughing!!! well me and my family had sooo much freaking funn..and allthough spring breaks over i still had funn and tommrow i get to go bck to school and see my friends and my BF!! i cant wait.. but one thing true SPRING BREAK was fucking pimp!!!!!! you will never be able to repet it EVER!!
well i g2g my moms nagging beacuse im on!! and i g2 go take a shower!!
x00 t0ri

imfao--- mike.chris.blake.my cuzs i cant belive we jumped the point!! that was fucking awsome


April 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Spring breaks over :'( im going to miss it soo much well it was great i had soo much funn its hard to explane..well i have to go back to school tommrow and thats going to suck so bad damn..i hate school!!well today were haveing a party for my grandparents B-DAY!! what a great way to end spring break with another party..then tonight im renting movies and chillen with the family and crap like that well i dont have much more to say beacuse im boerd as crap sooo...


x0 tori


April 1st, 2005]
[ mood | in pain ]

-i cant belive...-
...spring breaks almost over.!it suxs sooo bad because ive had sooo much funn but then agin when i go bck to school i get to see my bf...awsomeness..but then im going to miss going to the becah everyday.:'(
well from the other day when i went i got the worst burn adn now im blisterd!! it hurts soooo bad because there not going away :'( it HURTS!! i started crying because of it..i just hope they go away nefor school starts!!
because that would suck even worse..well the other night at cassies was soooooo much friken funn..didi you kno cassie can burp 46 times in 1 min..imafo that was soo funnie..i think me and cassie should be sisters were soo a like lol.!! well if you kno both of us really well then you cold kindda see that we kindda are.. well idono what elese to say but im really tired soo im probly going bck to bed..lolzz..
Xo billy
. .. bitch please dont try to understand... mucho tori


March 30th, 2005]
[ mood | crappy ]

yestrday night was soo much funn..well i spent the night at cassies house and we went to the movies.!! well at the movies there was no one ther soo me and cas were running from movie theater to another..and yeah well after we finally found a movie we wanted to watch we watched it then after the movie was over me and cas was outside wating for her dad and i swear i thought i saw NAPOLYIN DYAMINTE..yes i know i spelled it wrong.!! i forgot..well then today i went the beach and it was sooooo much funn because i went with my aunt YESSSSAHHHHH.!! shes sooo awsome..well yeah amd then tommrow im susposed to go to the movies to see the ring if yeah wana go call me and friday im susposed to go again.!! soo call me..

Xo billy
. .. yes i kno you dont get it but oo well.!! lolz cattie.!
Xo tori .......


March 29th, 2005]
[ mood | artistic ]

im just thinking can i really trust..belive him with everything he says and does.?? idono if i can what should i do soo many things are getting fucked up..damn..i just wish life was easy and things never got hard..but i guess thats why they call it life...??? i wonder if im right..well any ways i think soemones mad at me but idono until i can call him or something like that..well im babysittig and soo i have to go...ill writ bck..?!

Xo billy...
. lol love yeah tori.!!


March 29th, 2005]
[ mood | touched ]

im really bored..and me and cassei are going to go to the movies tonight..adn yeah its going to be awsome.!! well i really wana talk to my BF but idono hes never home it really makes me wonder what he might be doing.?
is he with another gurl..what could he be doig with her if he is with one.?? i mean its just questions every gurl wants to know when they havent talked to the boyfriends in a while.expecialy on spring break and when they are always with there friends at the beach or runnig up in down every block.. of ever street..well that sounded kindda lame.! lol well i really wana talk to him and i want him to go to the movies with me tonight..i really miss him..well soo yeah..if you wana go with us tonight just call me..or something like that

Xo billy
...» <3 tori


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